I think one of the coolest parts of Respect The Corners is the leadership and staff. We have some of the most humble, God honoring leaders that I know. They embody what RTC is and what it stands for: Faith, family, integrity and extravagent love.

Faith: In a gym, it's mostly viewed as vain and self glorifying. The atmosphere is usually filled with comparison, lust, jealousy, pride, insecurity and doubt. Ever since the beginning of RTC, the leadership has made it an expectation to keep the atmosphere as a place of humility, encouragement and honoring God in everything. We all need to keep the maintenance up and respect the body we have been given so when He calls us to go out to the nations or even everyday tasks- we are able to perform them to the best of our abilities. They always point everything back to Jesus and give Him the glory. They have their own relationship with Christ and have shared different revelations or words that they have had from God. As students, we have heard a little bit of each of their stories and how they have come from a life of sin into a lifestyle of glorifying Him in everything. Their faith and walk with God is beyond inspiring to say the least.

Family: They not only talk about how important their family is to them but they show it in their actions as well. Throughout the past few months that I've been here, i've been able to be around each of their families. I probably have held all of their children or played with them at some point. By them having their own strong relationship with Christ, it shows in how they treat their wife & children. Through this strong example, it shows the young men in the DTS what it looks like to be a good husband and father.

Integrity: I touched on this part a little bit but one of the coolest parts of RTC is to see these leaders disciple the male students who are doing their DTS. A lot of times when fathers leave a family, the son doesn't get to learn what it looks like to be a man of integrity because he never had that growing up. So them being able to have many older men pour into them and challenge them to become a better man is so awesome. They also show how to be men in the little things like taking the hard work from women, getting up from the chair so a woman can sit and to respect them all the time!

Extravagant love: The leadership in RTC is amazing and a big part of that is because they love so well. If you have questions about anything- they stop and answer whatever you need. They are always wanting to hear what everyone is learning in the classes and teachings. Each of them have different characteristics and qualities that really represent the whole body of Christ. Because of the love they know they have in Jesus, they are able to love others so well. Every person who comes into a class encounters love and encouragement breaking the lie that working out is only for a certain type of person.

This leadership team does a really good job at living these 4 standards out in the gym and out of the gym. I am so thankful that I picked this DTS because I have been shown what it looks like how to balance out working out regularly and having Jesus as my identity. They have shown me what it looks like to live a life of being servant hearted and to put people first. I believe that God has a special anointing over Respect The Corners and He has such great people pioneering it! They are so focused on what God wants for the ministry and how they can lead RTC into exactly what God wants!

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