FUNdraising Tips

Have $10,000 laying around and wanna do RTC?

Yeah me neither, so this is what I recommend..

Let me tell you something before getting into this post: the process of fundraising takes a lot of faith, sacrifice, and discipline. It does not come easy for anyone and I believe that it's the first step of growth that God takes us through before coming to do a DTS!


Having faith during the fundraising process is the most important part. If you are worried about $10,000 coming in on top of the bills you have to pay monthly, that is a pretty normal first reaction. But let me share some truth with you. Our father, God... is the creator of the universe. He created everything you are surrounded by. Scripture says "the mountains bow to Him to lift Him up." So yeah, He can provide you just a few thousand dollars. A few testimonies of God providing funds:

1. My friend doing RTC didn't have any money for His outreach and we each needed to have $500 that day for our plane ticket. Well, just that day someone on the team stepped up with no hesitation paying for it in full.

2. Before class one day, we as Fire and Fragrance (the Discipleship Training School, not just rtc) were all together praying for our brothers and sisters who didn't have all the funds yet. We also were praying for God to give us a number for how much to give to someone. Well, long story short, over $30,000 was raised just in an hour.


In Luke 14:33 it says, "So then, none of you can be my disciple who does not give up all his own possessions." Nothing here on earth, including our money is our own. God has given everything to us, every possession, every item of clothing, all of our money we have, and all tangible things. He gave it all to us. So why would we be greedy in keeping it to ourselves? A lot of people sacrifice their items to get more funds for RTC and some people have to sacrifice purchasing new items for themselves to continue to save that money. For those of you who know me, you know I love shopping. I love Lululemon and would gladly spend money there everyday. I know that each time I go there I spend at least $200 and that money can be used a lot of other ways rather than cute leggings. I had to sacrifice going shopping almost weekly in order to save my money for DTS. But looking back and seeing the discipline I had makes me appreciate what I am doing so much more. Scripture affirms us many times that when we are steadfast in pursuing Him- He rewards His children. That He looks at our heart and our faithfulness to Him and He rewards us!


So I decided I was doing RTC in January so that means I had around 9 months to raise $10,000. During this time I had 2 jobs with a lot of part time jobs on the side. Pretty much all the money I was making was going straight into my savings. I was being diligent and disciplined with my money that was coming in. A lot of times while we are fundraising we think we won't have a social life or that we can't spend anything but we just have to be careful on what we spend. This was also a good learning experience of how to practice self control in situations where I really shouldn't be spending money in the first place- like Lululemon weekly.. (oops). Also good practice in the way of being dedicated consistently in response to what the Lord has called you to do. So it's not just about saving money for a 6 month journey but preparing yourself for future experiences that will take even more discipline. For example, waiting on the Lord to answer your prayers on the big (or small) things in your life. Sometimes they are big decisions that the Lord wants you to wait until the last minute so He can perform a miracle & an increase of your faith. You guys, money is not an issue for God. Nobody has ever not gone through this journey because of a lack of money. God ALWAYS provides for His children. Why would He call you to do this and then leave you to finish the work yourself?

I believe that God correlates our fundraising process with the area of growth that needs to happen with our walk with God. Like, if you have trust issues with people & God- that probably means He will take you on a journey with fundraising that is going to require a lot of uncomfortableness so that God can show you how much you can trust Him. Or if you have a hard time receiving from God or people, He will probably teach you to receive the blessings He gives you. He knows what each person needs and how He is going to give it to you. This process is way more than just getting money- it changes your heart.

I pray for the people who are going to read this and the people who need this encouragement. I pray that if you are wanting to do RTC and think God has called you here that you lean into the confidence & strength of the Lord instead of your own. That you change your perspective from the impossible and tangible abilities of humans into what our amazing Father can do in a second. Also, for you to lean into scripture and God during this time. That He can be your comfort and your encouragement along the way. Money can be rough sometimes but I know that our God is bigger than any bill.. I mean, God's will- God's bill, amiright?

side note.. if you have any questions- feel free to DM me on Instagram! My username is Coffeewithrach.

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