A day in the life as an RTC Student

You are probably here because you are wondering what in the world Respect The Corners (RTC) is. You see people working out, talking about Jesus, and something about the nations. This is so different than anything else out there, and I am absolutely stoked to tell you about it and share my story with it…AS IT HAPPENS.

My name is Rachael Kaulen and I get the privilege to be apart of RTC. I’m a 20 year old from California who is addicted to coffee and loves Jesus. I love the color pink, pizza and chicken nuggets. I am passionate about young women knowing their self worth and how God created them to be. My verse for these next 6 months is 2 timothy 1:7, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self discipline.” I will explain why this is my verse in my next blog post.

What is Respect The Corners?

Respect The Corners is a specific track in the division of Fire and Fragrance, in the discipleship training school, YWAM(Youth With A Mission). We are based in Kona, Hawaii and are passionate about using fitness as a vessel to minister to people. This is a 6 month program that is all focused on bringing the gospel and the love of God to the nations. The first 3 months involve training to be a disciple here in Kona and the next 3 months are spent in another country bringin’ the good news to unreached people groups.

How do we use fitness as ministry?

Our vision is to train up coaches so that they can go into the nations and minister to people within the fitness world. As we all know, being “fit” is the cool thing to do nowadays and we want to take advantage of that. Our hope is that we can come into this atmosphere that is usually viewed as vein and self glorifying and turn it into a way to spread the gospel and introduce people to Jesus.

In my case for the next few months, I am training to be physically fit to go into the Himalayas and bible trek to unreached people groups. WHAAA? You heard that right! We are getting stronger so that we have the ability to do what God has called us to do! We are doing the work that usually cannot be done because it is so strenuous due to the physical preparedness needed. Talk about having an adventure with God!

What is a normal day like here in Kona?

We usually start out with breakfast, worship, or class time then have lunch, PRAISE GOD, then either intercession prayer time or track time. Intercession is one of my favorite parts of YWAM because we are able to pray together for specific topics like family, the nations, and different things going on in the world. Track time is our time in the box together as an RTC fam. Favorite part of the day: DINNER TIME. Honestly shoutout to the kitchen crew who slaves all day to feed all of us! Lastly, we have either ministry night, outreach family nights, or class sessions. It is busy for sure but God is moving in every single person here.

I’m stoked to share with you more about how Respect The Corners is impacting not only the nations but my life! Jesus is such a good father and He loves guiding His children through life! My next blog post, I will be sharing my story on how God called me to RTC and the process that I went through in coming here. IT’S LIT.

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