The RTC internship is specifically designed to equip and train up functional fitness coaches with the practical tools needed to influence and impact people in sports and fitness. With the culture of RTC and the traits of excellent coaches, RTC has seen transformation and impact all across the earth. To be apart of the Internship, you have to have graduated from DTS (Discipleship Training School with any YWAM base in the world) -see 

Sports and fitness are among some of the most influential platforms in the world today. In the RTC Internship, we highlight specific training and discipleship that creates confidence and allows individuals to walk into the sphere of society they’re called to, and impact lives and communities. 

As experienced coaches in the fitness industry, opportunities open up in every country RTC is present. Our internships give professional training that provide sustainable open doors no matter where you are. 


Avenues of impact: 

  • - becoming a trained coach and commissioned overseas 

  • - apply personal fitness to reach the hardest and darkest (Bible trek)

  • - develop training as athletes to impact the competitive and professional world of sports 

  • - gain the tools and knowledge necessary as a coach to impact your local community 


Interns now coaches on the field

"Why RTC? Why the internship? Honestly, fitness is great and I love the community that gathers around this “sport of fitness” and RTC. I also love the pursuit of being an excellent coach, not just settling for good enough or average. But for me, what sets RTC apart and motivated me to give a short season of my life to this internship is when you take this sport of fitness and marry it with the great commission. Pursuing excellency in your ability teach, correct and coach movement as well as the same excellency in your pursuit of holiness, purity and sonship. Having lived on the field and been a part of RTC for some time now, I have seen the effectiveness of the Lords strategy given to RTC. It is changing lives in individuals and in the fitness industry here in the Himalayas. Individuals are seeing the value in a healthy lifestyle as well as their value as sons and daughters!"

-serving in SE Asia


“The RTC internship gave the tools needed to be set apart as a coach, be effective in gyms and sports teams, and have a position of authority and influence wherever you go"

-Joel, now serving in South Africa


"I have loved being a RTC coach because it has created an amazing way for me to meet and become friends with people from every background of life. The internship has helped me become a better coach and has helped me become someone who can help others." -serving in SE Asia


“Being apart of the RTC internship these past 6 months has changed my view on how longterm missions can look completely. Fitness is such a open door in nations around the world and I believe the Lord wants to use this door to see His name proclaimed. I will never do missions the same after this training with RTC in how to coach and lead people to Jesus through the avenue of fitness!!” -Alex, now serving on our Training Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in the Internship?

The Internship is divided into two phases. Internship 1 and Internship 2 (or I1 and I2).

Each phase is a quarter long, aka 3 months long. So, total it's 6 months altogether!


In I1 the emphasis is to establish a broad foundation of knowledge in the sports and fitness industry. Lectures focus on nutrition, high-level programming and mobility, and everything in between. Additionally, there is ample time spent learning the DNA of Respect The Corners and establishing a framework for what discipleship looks like and how in RTC we combine the sacred and secular.

I2 builds upon the foundation in I1. The second part of the Internship is practical application of the tools established. With coaching opportunities given coaching development times with the RTC training team, and various opportunities to speak and refine your personal narrative around the culture of RTC. You’ll be connected through Family Groups, helping lead DTS track times and of course we love to throw in the occasional beach day every now and then!

*this is not an exhaustive list of all the I1 & I2 include.


As an intern you'll be required to complete our coaching development program which includes but not limited to:

  • Course study 

  • Hands-on Coaching time 

  • Small groups 

  • Prayer & intercession 

  • Local community outreach

  • Power Hours (Work Duty)

How long is the internship?

The Internship is divided into two phases. Internship 1 and Internship 2 (or I1 and I2).

Each phase is a quarter long, aka 3 months long. So, total it's 6 months altogether!

The Internships run alongside our campus quarters, therefore have the same start/end dates.

How Much Does The Internship Cost? $$$

We've done our best to keep the cost of the internship fairly affordable for everyone.

The cost for I1 is $300

The cost for I2 is $150

($450 total)

However, this only includes the internship curriculum specifically. This doesn't include housing, food or transportation for the quarter

What about housing?

You are responsible to find your own housing. You can apply to campus housing which is $400 IF they have room available (it differs depending on the quarter, they may ask you to look for off-campus housing)

We do our best to help our interns as we can, if you're struggling to find housing, let us know and we can let you know what we find available!!

What about food?

Similar housing, you will be responsible for your own food and transportation.

If you're living ON campus you're able to purchase cafeteria meals or buy food from the store (*note, campus housing does not have oven/stove tops for cooking)

What about transportation?

If you're living ON campus, transportation isn't really an issue since classes will all be on campus. Should we do something off campus we are able to carpool and share rides! 

If you're living OFF campus, you can find somewhere within walking distance, rent a moped or vehicle for the time you'll be on the island (people leaving for quarters at a time usually rent their cars out to fellow YWAMers for a fair price) or there's also the option of shipping your personal vehicle from the mainland to the island (from the west coast it's $1000)