November 4, 2017


20 Minute AMRAP

50 Double Unders

5 Bar Muscle ups

10 DB Hang Cleans

400 meter Run

5 Bar Muscle ups

10 DB Hang Cleans

*Prescribed Weight for the DB is 50lb/30lb 

(please scale if needed)

November 3, 2017


20 Minute AMRAP

10 Burpees

20 WallBalls

250 meter row


30 Minute AMRAP

*in teams of 4 (or 5)

Partner 1: Pulls The Sled

Partner 2: Carries The Sand Bag

Partner 3: Front Rack Carry w/ Heavy Plate

Partner 4: Rests and Waits to Switch

Partner 5: Rests and Waits to Sw...

October 29, 2017


Every 3 Minutes for 8 Sets

-400 Meter Run 

<Ask the coach for a scale if needed>

*be sure to stretch your Lower Back, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps before and after class.



"Goat Work" - Work on a Skill that you want to improve on.






October 29, 2017


With a Partner:

Accumulate 200 calories AB/Row

<every 1:30 both partners perform 5 TTB>

30 Minute Time Cap

AB- Assault Bike

TTB- Toes To Bar

*be sure to stretch your Shoulders, Core, Quadriceps, and Hamstrings. Before and After the Class


8 Rounds For Time

6 SA...

October 29, 2017


4 Sets:

7 FS 


13 BS 

*at the same weight 

Prescribed weight: 

60% 1RM FS

If you don't know your 1RM FS then, you can use a moderate weight that is not too light and not too heavy.

FS- Front Squat

BS- Back Squat

1RM- 1 Rep Max (heaviest one rep)

*Be sure to stretch...

October 29, 2017


6 rounds for time

400m run

20 KB Snatches

10 KB Swings

15 V-ups

Prescribed weight-53lb/35lb  

(Scale if needed)

KB- Kettle Bell

*Value Pace>Intensity 

(Or you'll burn out too quickly)

*Be sure to stretch your lower back, hips, shoulders, and core before the workout and...

September 30, 2017

Main WOD

With a partner for time:

3000m run (each)

30 hang power cleans (225/155)

60 pistols 

You must both run the 3000m but then you can break up the work together. The weight is heavy so small sets to keep you moving. 

September 29, 2017


24 Minute AMRAP:

(ascending ladder)


Wall ball

Med ball clean

*200m med ball run between each round

You're going to get close and personal with a medicine ball during this workout. Use the run to recover a bit, keep sets large enough that you don't...

September 28, 2017


3 Minute AMRAP, 5 minute AMRAP, Until completion

 (rest 2 minutes between AMRAPs)

500m row

10 burpee pull ups

20 box jump overs

40 double Russian KB swing

60 burpees

You have 3 minutes to get as far as you can, rest, then 5 minutes to get as far as you can, rest agai...

September 27, 2017


For Time: 

5k Row

This one is just as mental as it is physical. Pick a good hard pace for the main portion of the row, not too fast not too slow; make sure you finish with a bang!

Main WOD

With a 12 minute running clock:

2K row

In remaining time:

Max Clean and Jerk 1...

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