September 9, 2017

Main WOD

Partner WOD:

5 tire flips

50 T2b

1200m sand bag run

10 tire flips

50 pull ups

800m sand bag run

15 tire flips

50 hspu

400m sand bag run

This one is going to be a ton of fun! Lots of gymnastics and odd object work. Break up sets as needed and work as a team. Take time to...

September 8, 2017


Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes:

15 cal. Bike

30 Wall balls

60 double unders

Today we will be working on our VO2 max and a bit on aerobic threshold. Try to keep the intervals fast, to give yourself good rest time. 

Main WOD

For time:



September 7, 2017


In 9 minute window:

100 burpees

rest 3 minutes

Then...for time:

500m row 40 Dumbbell G2OH (50/35)

Burpees are burpees are burpees. Just do them. One at a time, and make sure you finish under the time cap or it will cut into your rest time. The second half is suppo...

September 6, 2017



For time:

25 back squats

5 box jumps

400m sandbag run

20 back squats

10 box jumps

400m sandbag run

15 Back squats

15 box jumps

400m sand bag run

10 back squats

20 box jumps

400m sandbag run

5 back squats

25 box jumps

400m sand bag run

Whoa. This is a mountain of a...

September 5, 2017


1000m row (rest 2 min) 8x200m row fast (20 second rest b/w); 800m row (rest 2) 6x200m fast (20 sec rest b/w); 600m row (rest 2) 4x200m row fast (20 sec rest  b/w).

Don't get confused by this. This is a lot of rowing. Essentially, a long set of slower rowing, fo...

September 2, 2017

Main WOD

10 Minute EMOM:

Clean and Jerk (add weight every min.)


For time:


DB Hang squat cleans (50/35)

Hand release push ups

Box Jumps

Have fun on the EMOM and try to get as heavy as possible. The for time workout has high heart rate all over it. Be smart...

September 1, 2017


For time:

5,000m...any way you want. 

Yep. You must accumulate 5,000m total of either running, rowing, or biking. It can be a combination of any of these or one of them if that's how you roll. Don't get distracted by the format of the workout, stay focused and m...

August 31, 2017


30 Min AMRAP:

20 cal bike

50m Farmers carry

20 burpees

50 jumping squats with empty barbell

30 minutes is a long time to move no matter what you're doing! Keep a consistent pace throughout the whole workout, stay moving the whole time.

Main WOD

Accumulate 3 minutes H...

August 30, 2017


5 x 3 minute AMRAPS (1 minute rest between):

6 Goblet squats (heavy)

6 Russian KBS

50m Sprint

Each round shouldn't take you very long at all. Every AMRAP is all out effort, go unbroken on all the Kettlebell movements and try to get through it as many times as you...

August 29, 2017


Tabata (8 rounds each movement, 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest)



Box jumps

Jumping Lunges

Double unders

Your score each movement is the lowest number of reps you get within that round. So the way to approach this is max effort each set, but keep yo...

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