We are a group of sold out world changers who are committed to building people and reaching the lost in the hardest and darkest nations and in our own local communities. 


In 2013 a handful of men started working out together in hopes of becoming stronger and healthier individuals. What started as times to work out, turned into times where guys were opening up to each other about real life things they were going through. They were becoming vulnerable and Jesus was breaking out. Men and women alike were catching wind of what was happening and wanted in. The garage work outs grew rapidly....

One year later, the University of the Nations gave Respect the Corners a space to exist and expand. Athletes were getting their CrossFit Level 1 certificates and began running classes for missionaries on the YWAM Kona base. But there was still more to this fitness movement that hadn't been seen yet. People started dreaming about what it could look like to use fitness do disciple athletes and reach the nations. 

In January 2016, we ran our first Discipleship Training School with YWAM Kona where 8 young revivalists gave 6 months of their lives to be trained and sent to bring the good news of Jesus to the high Himalayas. We knew that we needed to use the gift of fitness to physically reach people that cars and and planes could not...but we also recognized that coaching CrossFit was going to be an entry way into hard to reach nations. 

That same year we sent out our first long term CrossFit coaches to nations closed to the gospel of Jesus. These coaches have built a platform to connect and speak into the lives of the athletes at their gyms and share the love of Jesus.

Since then, we have built a huge training facility, ran multiple Discipleship Training Schools, delivered hundreds of Bibles to the unreached, and have sent out multiple coaches into the nations. We are constantly dreaming and innovating new ways to train disciples and win souls through fitness and we will not stop until Jesus returns.

Our heart is to carry the truth and love of Jesus to the hardest and darkest places. No matter the cost or distance, we will go. Will you join us?